Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bruce Lee

Ok, so this has already been posted on the main Retro 247 site but I thought it deserved to be mentioned here also.

It's a remake of the classic Commodore 64 game Bruce Lee. Now, over time I've played a good few remakes of the original and none are as good as this one. You might disagree and your entitled to, but for me this is a great remake because as soon as I started the game I was teleported back to my youth, perched on the end of my friends bed playing Bruce Lee on his C64.

Bruce Lee - Go and beat the crap out of the little ninja guy
It's funny that even at 33 years of age I can think back so far and remember room layouts from the original game and even the timing of the moving electricity! This is a great remake which has the feel and charm of the original.

The game is for Windows and more info, screenshots and the download can be found at http://planetflibble.com/blitz/


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