Friday, April 13, 2007

All New

Dan Marshall's popular blog over at has been re-launched completely into an Independent Gaming Resource.

A quote from the site:

From now on, every penny of profit this site gains will be plugged directly into funding future independent game projects. That doesn’t mean me hacking together some rubbish code while slurping on caviar you’ve kindly provided, that means hiring professional artists and coders to make interesting, high-quality, funny, funky and brilliant games for you to enjoy.

The sort of games independent developers should be making, instead of endless grotty Match-3s.

What that means, eventually, is me ringing up a struggling band of developers somewhere and saying “Hey! I like the look of what you guys are doing over there. It’s fresh and funky and innovative and exciting. Here’s an envelope stuffed full of cash. Go full-time Indie and do something amazing with it.”

Now that sounds like an excellent idea to me and Dan must be applauded for setting it all up. Why not help out all Indie Developers and buy a T-shirt or even donate some money to the cause.

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